Letter to Santa: A Season of Gratitude

Dear Santa,

Thank you for posting the letters to our friends in their mailbox. Surely you know by heart what we said. We decided to publish the letter to share with others who may not have received a copy.

A Season of Gratitude

In the true spirit of Christmas, this is the season to accentuate the many elements of the word Gratitude. A time to reach into one’s soul on the people and happenings in life that bring meaning to the word.

In Normita’s words…
Gratitude to those special people who have enhanced my life, who gave me the insights and beauty of how I have become. I am grateful.

Gratitude to my parents who showed me that in spite of what little we had, to always share with others. The imprint of that gesture remains in the fiber of my being. That every little thing goes a long way to lessen someone’s pain, bring countless joy and peace to others. I am blessed, nourished by my parents’ bountiful harvest of kindness. I am grateful.

Gratitude to Bob, Shirley, Harper, Lanz, family and friends, for filling my bucket with many gifts and blessings. They make me touch nature’s petals, leaves and branches, smell the roses, feel the richness of the air, see the sun, moon and stars that light the sky. I am grateful.

Gratitude to my teachers and employers who inspired me to reach for new heights, to yearn for learning, to believe in achieving goals, to live with dignity and purpose. The gifts of compassion and inspiration from them are unique, planted and nurtured from seeds of everlasting wisdom. I am grateful.

In Bob’s words…
Gratitude to all those who have guided my life, parents, teachers, mentors (especially Pete Plummer) and friends.

Gratitude for my kids who have blessed us with wonderful daughters-in-law and adored grandchildren. Kaitlin is now in college at University of Wisconsin, Ryan, Avery and Connor are all active and good students.

Gratitude for Shirley, who is constantly helping us in many ways as she continues on her path to fulfillment.

Gratitude for Harper, he is a constant and wonderful companion. He helps to fill every day with gladness!

Gratitude for Normita, she is the most wonderful caring person. She supports me in every way possible love, comfort, encouragement … and everything else.

Today and every day, there is infinite gratitude to God for the many blessed opportunities – to hug those who enrich our life, to embrace the pain as a challenge to find joy, to reach out to a new day as an open door of compassion. We are grateful.

– The Fenns—Bob, Normita and Harper, Christmas 2015


About normitafenn

Normita Fenn studied journalism at University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She earned her MBA in Marketing from Golden Gate University-San Francisco. She resides in San Ramon, California. She can be reached at lanzfenn@yahoo.com. Follow her on Twitter: @NormitaFenn
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