My letter to Santa

Normita Fenn

Normita Fenn

Posted to Santa on Dec. 9, 2013)

Dear Santa,

This is the first time I’ve ever written to you. This letter is not a wish list. This letter is to send my endless thanks for all the gifts. This letter is to also bring some gladness to those who are less fortunate.

Thank you for all the gifts you’ve given me over the years. As you know, I came from a poor family and was never able to afford the fancy dolls when I was little, those moccasin shoes that I loved in high school but could not afford. Don’t get me wrong, Santa, I have no complaints.

Santa, the countless gifts I take with me everywhere were learned from home, they are priceless treasures. Things are meaningless unless they are shared and enjoyed with others.

You’re aware of my love of singing. The song hits that my mother bought made me learn the latest hits at the time and still remember them. I sang my heart out after school everyday which gave me so much courage to sing in public at a moment’s notice.

Seriously, I count my blessings everyday for the gifts of good education and career, blessed by the presence of great mentors, co-workers and colleagues I met on the journey.

Oh, I also love to write, as you know. I’ve been told writing is a gift. For me everyone and everything have stories behind them. They need to be written to bring life, to have the moving parts dance and sway. In writing, words are merely words unless they give meaning, written with humility, kindness and passion. A moment to touch the inner of one’s being, to close the page feeling that time was well-spent.

Santa, I don’t know if you will ever read this letter due to the volume of letters from people, young and old, whose wants you need to meet. But one thing I can add here is the lesson of gratitude I learned from home, from my friends and colleagues.

In my imperfection, I am grateful for the person that I am, for my husband Bob who will go to the ends of the earth to give me everything I may want, for my daughter Shirley who is so kind and wonderful, for Lanz whose endearing memory of love is forever, for Harper whose joyful self is adorable. And there’s also my nieces who walk with me – making me feel as young as them, my extended family and friends in many places who share the joy of everyday living. I am grateful for them.

Merry Christmas,

Normita Fenn


About normitafenn

Normita Fenn studied journalism at University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She earned her MBA in Marketing from Golden Gate University-San Francisco. She resides in San Ramon, California. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter: @NormitaFenn
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One Response to My letter to Santa

  1. Judy Gallion says:

    Thank you for your wonderful letter. I feel blessed to have such a great brother and talented loving sister in law

    Happy New Year to you both and Harper too


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