Letter to Cid

(This post was a “letter to Cid” who passed away suddenly on Dec. 16, 2013.)

My dear Cid,

I never imagined that I will be writing you a letter as sad as it comes. I am in shock. Your Kuya Do (Texas) gave me the news yesterday morning via email, followed by an email from our Tio Francing San Miguel (Philippines), that you’ve suddenly left. Since I just got up, my thoughts were perhaps this whole thing was a dream. I grabbed the alumni directory but the pages seemed blank and couldn’t find any names to call. So I called your Ninang Juling who tearfully told me. I yelled to Uncle Bob to tell him, we were beyond words. I called your Nanay who told me that Mena was out making your funeral arrangements. Phone calls, texts and Facebook posts descended, grieving, asking what, when, where, why and how.

Cid, I hope you’re watching sistoh Mena and Mitzi. They are crying endlessly. Mena said it was so unfair you left suddenly and that you did not give her a chance to talk to you. I don’t mean to give you a guilt complex, but I agree with her.

In all fairness, your final bow to us at last Sunday’s PYMA election is unprecedented. You left us laughing while taking our pictures with your hands raised when Mena and I were elected, then posted on Facebook. Although the pictures are somewhat dark (sorry I had to tell you!) they glow with brightness and happiness. Oh, I also want to further comment on the photos of you and Mena on the beach last Saturday morning. You said it was hard to walk bare feet, so I said perhaps you should just go shopping to buy Mena a Christmas gift. Mena read that and told me you already bought her gifts, all wrapped under the tree.

The thought of sending an announcement to the Morong Community pained me, but I had no choice. Mitzi sent me the details on my Facebook PM. Uncle Bob said to work on it while he did our Christmas cards. It took two hours to complete the announcement. My mind was blank, my heart ached. I had to call Marie and your Ate Cora as I couldn’t think of your surviving siblings’ names – Edong and Chita. Suddenly I thought of your Kuya Ayboy, my friend, classmate and singing partner, who left in May.

Finally the announcement. I stared to collect my writer’s wit on how to sum up. Cid, please read this carefully as this is my send off:

There are no words to express the feelings of loss on Cid’s passing. In reading through the Facebook pages, the Morong Community grieves. People seek an answer on the loss of such a vibrant, caring and loving person. In a page was Cid and Mena standing on the beach last Saturday morning walking bare feet. In my timeline were two photos Cid posted on Sunday night immediately after our PYMA election. There are many more. Hearts are broken. Greetings of humor turned into sadness. To many of us who know him, he is truly one of a kind – always there, smiling, grounded, everyone’s friend and kuya to many, every fiber of his being glows with humility and tenderness. That’s Cid. To Cid, thank you for being a great husband to my sistoh Mena and a friend to all her friends! By the way, cheer us on at the tea party! You were the one who told me to go ahead with it, finally. To Mena and Michelle, you are loved forever.

Your Kuya Do is also in shock and sent me a message to read at the wake. I have to practice that as tears will roll. Say hello to Ayboy for me. Tell him I thought of him before reading the news – thank him for waking me up, my problem with that is the sadness. With heavy hearts the tea party will happen with the five sistohs, five fab ladies and friends.


About normitafenn

Normita Fenn studied journalism at University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She earned her MBA in Marketing from Golden Gate University-San Francisco. She resides in San Ramon, California. She can be reached at lanzfenn@yahoo.com. Follow her on Twitter: @NormitaFenn
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One Response to Letter to Cid

  1. Judy Gallion says:

    Normita, What a lovely tribute to Cid. I’m so sorry for your loss, there has been too much sadness in your family last year………hopefully 2014 will be better.


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